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About Us

Kaneko Japanese Academy provides personalised, one-on-one online Japanese tuition to Australian school students and IB students worldwide.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, relaxed and enjoyable tutoring sessions that consistently see our students outperform those from other schools and colleges, in much less time.

From our experience, it is common for Japanese language to quickly become a favourite subject of study for many of our students, even those coming to us from a poor level. That's because our lessons are especially designed to be altogether personalised, enjoyable and highly-effective.

Gloria Kaneko, our friendly, highly-qualified and experienced head tutor, has built a reputation as Sydney's premier Japanese tutor over the past 18 years, and oversees all the lessons at our academy.

To facilitate the most rapid progress possible among our students, lessons are always taught in Japanese and, where necessary, English. We guarantee that you will be delighted with your learning experience and results with us.

You can expect a totally professional experience and outstanding academic results. We can also assure you that, unlike many other colleges, you most certainly will not be pressured into doing more classes at Kaneko Japanese Academy than you need. We are all about maximum results in minimum time.

Our past results speak for themselves. All our students experience dramatic and rapid improvements and go on to achieve excellent grades at school.

What Makes Us Different

Gloria Kaneko

Gloria Kaneko is the co-owner and head tutor at Kaneko Japanese Academy, and is the point of contact for all our students.

She personally ensures that each student receives individually-designed tuition that is suited to his or her needs, and that they each progress as rapidly as possible in the development of their Japanese language skills.

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About Gloria

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