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Student Feedback

Read and listen to what our current and past students have to say about their experience at Kaneko Japanese Academy.


KELSEY: 97% in 2 Unit Continuers JapaneseTop 10 in NSW

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be immersed in Japanese during my classes at Kaneko Japanese Academy. From the moment I stepped into class to the moment I left I was using Japanese continuously, and gradually I gained an intuitive understanding of Continuers level content. Gloria always believed in my potential, and her determination gave me confidence to consistently improve my writing. Furthermore, weekly conversation with native speakers meant I was able to answer speaking questions impromptu, and feel comfortable talking to a wide variety of people. I recommend Kaneko Japanese Academy for people not only looking to maximise their results in the HSC, but also for people seeking to learn Japanese as a proper language.


DANLY: 96% in 2 Unit Continuers Japanese, 48/50 in 3 Unit Extension JapaneseTop 10 in NSW

Studying with Gloria helped me greatly in my Japanese studies throughout the course of year 12. Through speaking practise with native Japanese teachers, I was constantly challenged to express my thoughts in Japanese, and thus my communication abilities improved immensely. Gloria's concise notes outlining the relationships between societal issues (a huge part of the Japanese extension course) played a crucial part to not only the required vocabulary for the course, but also my understanding of how to tackle difficult questions.

I'm extremely glad that I decided to take lessons at Kaneko Japanese Academy, and I can honestly say that I couldn't have achieved my results without Gloria and the teachers there.


KARYN: 99% in 2 Unit Beginners Japanese2nd in NSW

Throughout all my schooling I never once attended tutoring, until finally I felt the need for extra help in HSC Japanese Beginners in Year 12 in 2014.

Learning with Gloria was the best tutoring experience I could have hoped for, as every week she would introduce new, essential, enlightening content and teach it in interesting ways such as with various friendly native Japanese speakers. This practice was incredibly helpful and gave me an extra edge over other students who would not be able to have such contact. In addition, completing past papers in exam conditions with her and reviewing my mistakes gave me precious preparation and key lessons I needed to learn in order to succeed in the HSC.

Within the year, my knowledge of Japanese grammar and vocabulary exponentially expanded and I was able to grow the confidence I needed to ace the speaking and written examinations. During this whole time, Gloria constantly encouraged and believed in a student's ability to succeed, and this sort of friendly support is what allowed me to be reassured and relaxed in what people describe as one of the most stressful periods of their life.

I am extremely grateful to Gloria and her elite tutors! I definitely made the right choice to be taught by Gloria.


GWEN: 98% Overall in Year 10 Japanese1st in Her School

Hi! ^^

I joined Gloria Kaneko's college at the beginning of year 10. Gloria is a great and supportive teacher. She would always encourage me to have more confidence in myself and my answers. She is also very patient, revising over grammar that i had forgotten.

I'd like to thank Gloria for all her help and I hope she continues to be a great teacher :D



After attending the JLPT classes my understanding of Japanese largely increased, thanks to the help of the kind and enthusiastic tutors. The lessons are very engaging and I learnt much more from directly conversing with these background speakers than from only reading textbooks or listening to CDs. The experience is just so real and influenced me greatly!


THOMAS: Band 6 in Japanese ContinuersE4 in Japanese Extension

I studied at Gloria's Elite Tutoring School during my HSC in 2013 and now that I look back I am so glad I did. Thanks to Gloria, I was able to achieve a Band 6 in Continuers Japanese and an E4 in Extension Japanese.

Before I studied here, I didn't really have any direction in terms of my study, especially Extension. Before Gloria I saw a tutor who spoke Japanese only. However, the HSC requires many skills in English, particularly Extension, so I was glad Gloria could help explain the course to me in English too. I was extremely happy when I saw my extension essay question. It was about Global Warming and Gloria had given me plenty of notes about environmental issues! Actually, we hadn't gone through environmental issues that much at school and I wouldn't have thought to study it myself so I might not have achieved the E4 without them.

Besides that, Gloria always has so much energy and passion and I think that rubbed off on me and helped me get motivated about study. Although we studied seriously, there was a lot of fun too. :)

I can say from my heart that I'm really happy I decided to study here and would recommend you to do the same.


KEVIN: 96% in 2U Beginners Japanese

Having transferred to the HSC Japanese Beginners course at the start of the second term of year 12, I immediately realized that I was going to struggle immensely without help. That's when I began taking lessons from Gloria and had the opportunity to have extremely focused sessions with multiple native speakers. What is unique about is experience is that I was able to hone my Japanese through engaging with and being given feedback from several teachers instead of just one in traditional styled tutoring, each with their own unique sense of humour adding to the enjoyment of the sessions.

Lessons were thoroughly structured with new grammar and vocabulary being taught in a clear and concise manner covering all facets of their utility and application. Exam preparation was also greatly prioritized in the weeks pre-exam with each lesson being catered towards strengthening my weaknesses to maximize my marks along with a variety of past papers.

I'd like to once again thank Gloria and all the teachers who have helped me during my time at the college. It really is "The Friendliest, Most Personalised Tutoring Around".


KATHERINE: 92% (2U) and 46/50 (3U) in the HSC

I'm actually so grateful to have found such a good and experienced Japanese teacher during my final year in high school. Although I enrolled more than halfway through the year in April, I improved drastically in school and in my final hsc results.

Kaneko Sensei really helped me a lot and I would really recommend going there for tutoring (especially Japanese).


RACHEL: 99% in 2 Unit Beginners Japanese2nd in NSW

I began my Japanese tutoring at Gloria Kaneko's college at the end of Year 12. Gloria's lessons were very helpful as she found my weak points and made me practice a lot on it. She also encouraged me all the time and taught me essential skills for the HSC. This helped me come 2nd in the NSW for Japanese Beginners.

I would like to thank Gloria for teaching me with passion and support.


JAMIE: Grade 6 in Japanese IB Diploma

My name is Jamie and I completed my IB Diploma in 2013, studying Japanese B SL as one of my subjects. I joined Gloria's college when I was in my first term of year 11 as a slightly below average student. Being an IB student looking for a Japanese tutor was very difficult, however, my mum stumbled upon Gloria's college while reading a Korean community magazine. Since then, I continued learning from Gloria until my final exams. The HSC and IB Japanese programme are quite different, so Gloria and her tutors' thorough analysis of the IB programme really came in handy.

Gloria always prepares work that is catered to the things that apply to my course, exclusively, so I am always prepared in terms of vocabulary and content. The native Japanese tutors were also a big help to me in regards to speaking. Prior to attending Gloria’s Elite Tutoring College, I had a very limited speaking ability, which always made me nervous and unconfident. However, every lesson I had a different Japanese tutor so gradually, my speaking improved and I became more confident. Not only this, my knowledge of Japanese culture also improved immensely, which definitely gave me an advantage in my speaking exams and final writing exam.

Gloria is a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher – displayed through her extensive dedication to her students' learning, even beyond the classroom. As her student, she always gave me extra time in her class and would sometimes call me to make sure that I was confident with the things that I was learning. She always has a very positive approach to everything and teaches all her students about positive thinking as well, which is also very important! With all the material and native Japanese tutors, I was always prepared for my speaking, writing and reading exams. Therefore, in the end, I was able to achieve a Grade 6 (Grade 7 being the highest). This was beyond my expectation so I was very happy with my final result. My final mark truly reflects the support and confidence that I received as a result of attending Gloria’s Elite Tutoring College.

I'd like to thank Gloria and all the tutors for their help over the last couple of years and I hope they can offer the same to other IB Japanese students.

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