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Student Feedback

Read and listen to what our current and past students have to say about their experience at Kaneko Japanese Academy.


AMILY: Japanese Speech Contest First PlaceYear 9 Junior

Amily's First Place Certificate

Amily's Participation Certificate

JESSICA: 98% in (2U) and 49/50 (3U) in the HSC5th in NSW

I chose Japanese Continuers in Year 11 and Extension in Year 12 simply because I loved it, but during the early stages of the Extension course I wondered whether I would be capable enough to succeed in the course. Because of that, I seeked a tutor to help me consolidate my understanding, but Kaneko-sensei has done so much more for me than that. She provides detailed resources, brings in native Japanese speakers and marks every single essay to make sure that your grammar, content and flow is the most authentic it can be. Looking back at my work from a year ago, I can really see the rapid improvement that I had because I was tutored by her. I am incredibly lucky to have found this tutoring centre and I could not imagine achieving 5th in the state for Extension and a 99.90 ATAR without her.


MEGAN: 97% in 2 Unit Continuers Japanese

Gloria is an amazing tutor with such great knowledge of the HSC syllabus, detailed resources, and genuine care for her students. She always catered to my needs and weaknesses, and exposed me to new content, which not only efficiently expanded my Japanese knowledge and skill set, but also helped me use Japanese in a more unique and natural way in exams. I started Japanese a year later than my friends at school and I can still remember struggling to catch up with the basic kanji and vocabulary, but with Gloria's help, I managed to top my cohort in year 12. I definitely could not have done that without Gloria's meticulous feedback on the weekly writing homework, the exposure to authentic Japanese in the speaking sessions with native speakers, a great range of past papers to brush up on my listening skills, and her patience and optimism with which she pushed me beyond my limits. Thank you so much to Gloria and her team!


MAKENNA: 92% in 2 Unit Continuers Japanese

In Year 10, I was encouraged by my Japanese teacher at school to join the accelerated language program. Due to the drastic change in difficulty without any knowledge of the year 10 curriculum, I found myself struggling a lot in my studies and getting marks that were pretty disappointing. Therefore, I joined the Kaneko Japanese Academy straight after the school year during the summer holidays. Only after joining, did I realise how far behind both myself and my class were in comparison to other schools. Through the academy, I was able to have intensive holiday lessons that allowed me to catch up and cover most grammar structures before the new school term began which left me a lot more time to practise exam-style questions using their abundance of resources. I already demonstrated significant improvement in the 1st assessment task, from previously getting marks in the 60s and 70s to reaching 90. And throughout the year, I continued to receive endless support and guidance from the academy in tackling my weaker skills such as the listening and writing components which allowed me to sit exams with much more confidence. Without the diligent support from the Kaneko Japanese Academy, I would not have achieved a raw mark of 92 let alone a band 6 for the Japanese Continuers course. Hence from my personal experience, I highly recommend to students who may be struggling as I did or want to excel in Japanese to consider joining or signing up for a trial lesson.


ADAM: 92% in 2 Unit Continuers Japanese

I can definitely say that Gloria is a godsend when it comes to Japanese tutoring. Before my task 3 for Year 12 I was looking to refine my Japanese speaking skills and ended up enrolling with Kaneko's academy. After enrolment, I was first surprised by her and her native tutor's bright optimism but also their ability to identify gaps in my knowledge. Gloria truly understands the nuances of the language and her impressive ability to convey these language differences have allowed me to greatly improve my Japanese skills in just the short span of 6 months. My only regret is that I did not enrol any earlier in the academy to expand my ability to attain higher marks. However, even so, Gloria's lessons teach you much about life even beyond Japanese and about perseverance as well as native Japanese conversational skills and humour that a textbook cannot lend you. This holistic approach to teaching has greatly enabled me to attain a 92 exam score for HSC (an incredible improvement from my skill level 6 months ago) as well as a 97.30 ATAR and is why I strongly believe in Gloria's method!


FAYE: 98% in (2U) and 49/50 (3U) in the HSC2nd in NSW

Thanks to Gloria and many wonderful tutors, learning Japanese was a fun, rewarding and endlessly interactive experience. Gloria has a deep understanding of the high school and HSC syllabus, which has helped me achieve highly. Her personalised teaching supported and challenged me from years 10-12, and writing pieces for her on a weekly basis formed an integral part of my learning. But more than that, I really enjoyed chatting and discussing issues with Gloria and many of her assistant tutors, which exposed me to a diverse range of perspectives (and dramatically improved my speaking!). Gloria is both friendly and personable, so it was a privilege to learn from her.


ISABELLA: 96% in (2U) and 49/50 (3U) in the HSC3rd in NSW

Thanks to the 3½ years learning Japanese under Ms Gloria Kaneko, I was able to transition from desperately wanting to quit from Japanese Extension in the middle of Year 12 to receiving a state rank! Even though all our lessons were online, the weekly content provided in our 2 hour classes ensured I was being exposed to new grammar, vocabulary and ideas, whilst learning how to manipulate language in different ways to express and articulate ideas clearly. The Japanese interns also allowed an immersive experience to authentic Japanese culture and language, being able to learn from a range of new people every week across the world!

However, I believe the true success behind Ms Gloria’s teaching style is the immense care and support she provides for her students. Even during my own personal experience of wanting to quit the extension course after a disappointing test result, she was always a call or text away to discuss exam results and assist me both emotionally and academically in any way possible. Ms Gloria’s determination to not waste any student’s potential allowed me to focus on improving my exam technique, with each class custom tailored to the needs of her students and exam timetables. Her unending patience, empathy and humour made every lesson something I could look forward to even at times of low confidence or high stress. More than anything, Ms Gloria has shown me the joys of studying beyond classroom marks, and I will be forever thankful for all she has taught me as her student.

I am extremely grateful to have been given the chance to learn from Ms Gloria and all of the Kaneko Japanese Academy tutors! Wishing all the best for future students and teachers here ❤️ 本当にありがとうございました


KARINA: 98% in 2 Unit Beginners Japanese4th in NSW

I am very fortunate to have found Gloria sensei in the beginning of Year 12 to teach me Japanese. I reached out to her after feeling unprepared for the HSC with my inadequate knowledge in Japanese grammar structures and struggling quite a bit with listening components. Gloria’s lessons were very structured, well prepared and carefully tailored to my individual needs so that I was able to see great improvements in a short period of time. One aspect truly unique to Gloria sensei’s teaching approach was that for almost every lesson, I got to meet a different native Japanese speaker and practice my speaking skills through actual conversations with them. I felt this was a very effective and interactive way to improve my speaking skills. Gloria sensei also has this impressive ability to explain Japanese grammar rules in a logical way so that I could grasp new grammar structures rapidly and diversify the sentence structures in my writing. Furthermore, Gloria sensei’s focus on targeting weaknesses allowed me to gain plenty of practice in listening (my weakest area). She utilised HSC past papers in the lessons so that by the time of my trials I had already completed all the HSC listening exams, which really boosted my confidence. After each lesson I received manageable amount of homework which helped me to reinforce my learning and also acted as a consistent revision for the subject so I never had to cram for my Japanese exams. I highly recommend Gloria sensei to any student learning Japanese. Her teaching expertise is proven to help students realise their full potentials and achieve outstanding results. Gloria sensei, thank you so much for your guidance and support!


ISABELLE: Barely Passing to Top of the Class!

Since I started my lessons with Gloria at the start of year 10 with very limited knowledge of Japanese, I was able to pick up and improve my Japanese through Gloria and many wonderful native speakers. My grades went from barely passing year 9 Japanese to achieving top marks in the class in less than half a year. Gloria has tremendously helped me to enhance my reading and writing by introducing me to new vocabulary and sentence structures. By communicating with native Japanese speakers, my speaking has significantly improved as I went from barely knowing how to pronounce a word to now being able to have small conversations with them.

With Gloria's guidance and support, I am able to work confidently in class and I am striving to reach my fullest potential. I look forward to continuing my Japanese studies with Gloria till my HSC.


PHILLIPA: 91% (2U) and 43/50 (3U) in the HSC

Despite only beginning lessons with Gloria halfway through year 12, I was able to see improvements in my Japanese and my grades instantly. In both the continuers and extension course, Gloria helped me to improve my listening and speaking skills, and especially helped me in understanding social issues and how to express these issues in Japanese which was a necessary component in the extension course. Gloria tailored lessons to help me improve in my weakest areas and pushed me to do more practise compositions which was key to my improvement. Gloria is most certainly the best tutor I have encountered and without her guidance, I would not have been able to have made such improvements and achieve such results.


KELSEY: 97% in 2 Unit Continuers JapaneseTop 10 in NSW

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be immersed in Japanese during my classes at Kaneko Japanese Academy. From the moment I stepped into class to the moment I left I was using Japanese continuously, and gradually I gained an intuitive understanding of Continuers level content. Gloria always believed in my potential, and her determination gave me confidence to consistently improve my writing. Furthermore, weekly conversation with native speakers meant I was able to answer speaking questions impromptu, and feel comfortable talking to a wide variety of people. I recommend Kaneko Japanese Academy for people not only looking to maximise their results in the HSC, but also for people seeking to learn Japanese as a proper language.


DANLY: 96% in (2U) and 48/50 (3U) in the HSCTop 10 in NSW

Studying with Gloria helped me greatly in my Japanese studies throughout the course of year 12. Through speaking practise with native Japanese teachers, I was constantly challenged to express my thoughts in Japanese, and thus my communication abilities improved immensely. Gloria's concise notes outlining the relationships between societal issues (a huge part of the Japanese extension course) played a crucial part to not only the required vocabulary for the course, but also my understanding of how to tackle difficult questions.

I'm extremely glad that I decided to take lessons at Kaneko Japanese Academy, and I can honestly say that I couldn't have achieved my results without Gloria and the teachers there.


KARYN: 99% in 2 Unit Beginners Japanese2nd in NSW

Throughout all my schooling I never once attended tutoring, until finally I felt the need for extra help in HSC Japanese Beginners in Year 12 in 2014.

Learning with Gloria was the best tutoring experience I could have hoped for, as every week she would introduce new, essential, enlightening content and teach it in interesting ways such as with various friendly native Japanese speakers. This practice was incredibly helpful and gave me an extra edge over other students who would not be able to have such contact. In addition, completing past papers in exam conditions with her and reviewing my mistakes gave me precious preparation and key lessons I needed to learn in order to succeed in the HSC.

Within the year, my knowledge of Japanese grammar and vocabulary exponentially expanded and I was able to grow the confidence I needed to ace the speaking and written examinations. During this whole time, Gloria constantly encouraged and believed in a student's ability to succeed, and this sort of friendly support is what allowed me to be reassured and relaxed in what people describe as one of the most stressful periods of their life.

I am extremely grateful to Gloria and her elite tutors! I definitely made the right choice to be taught by Gloria.


GWEN: 98% Overall in Year 10 Japanese1st in Her School

Hi! ^^

I joined Gloria Kaneko's college at the beginning of year 10. Gloria is a great and supportive teacher. She would always encourage me to have more confidence in myself and my answers. She is also very patient, revising over grammar that i had forgotten.

I'd like to thank Gloria for all her help and I hope she continues to be a great teacher :D



After attending the JLPT classes my understanding of Japanese largely increased, thanks to the help of the kind and enthusiastic tutors. The lessons are very engaging and I learnt much more from directly conversing with these background speakers than from only reading textbooks or listening to CDs. The experience is just so real and influenced me greatly!


THOMAS: Band 6 (2U) and E4 (3U) in the HSC

I studied at Gloria's Elite Tutoring School during my HSC in 2013 and now that I look back I am so glad I did. Thanks to Gloria, I was able to achieve a Band 6 in Continuers Japanese and an E4 in Extension Japanese.

Before I studied here, I didn't really have any direction in terms of my study, especially Extension. Before Gloria I saw a tutor who spoke Japanese only. However, the HSC requires many skills in English, particularly Extension, so I was glad Gloria could help explain the course to me in English too. I was extremely happy when I saw my extension essay question. It was about Global Warming and Gloria had given me plenty of notes about environmental issues! Actually, we hadn't gone through environmental issues that much at school and I wouldn't have thought to study it myself so I might not have achieved the E4 without them.

Besides that, Gloria always has so much energy and passion and I think that rubbed off on me and helped me get motivated about study. Although we studied seriously, there was a lot of fun too. :)

I can say from my heart that I'm really happy I decided to study here and would recommend you to do the same.


KEVIN: 96% in 2U Beginners Japanese

Having transferred to the HSC Japanese Beginners course at the start of the second term of year 12, I immediately realized that I was going to struggle immensely without help. That's when I began taking lessons from Gloria and had the opportunity to have extremely focused sessions with multiple native speakers. What is unique about is experience is that I was able to hone my Japanese through engaging with and being given feedback from several teachers instead of just one in traditional styled tutoring, each with their own unique sense of humour adding to the enjoyment of the sessions.

Lessons were thoroughly structured with new grammar and vocabulary being taught in a clear and concise manner covering all facets of their utility and application. Exam preparation was also greatly prioritized in the weeks pre-exam with each lesson being catered towards strengthening my weaknesses to maximize my marks along with a variety of past papers.

I'd like to once again thank Gloria and all the teachers who have helped me during my time at the college. It really is "The Friendliest, Most Personalised Tutoring Around".


KATHERINE: 92% (2U) and 46/50 (3U) in the HSC

I'm actually so grateful to have found such a good and experienced Japanese teacher during my final year in high school. Although I enrolled more than halfway through the year in April, I improved drastically in school and in my final hsc results.

Kaneko Sensei really helped me a lot and I would really recommend going there for tutoring (especially Japanese).


RACHEL: 99% in 2 Unit Beginners Japanese2nd in NSW

I began my Japanese tutoring at Gloria Kaneko's college at the end of Year 12. Gloria's lessons were very helpful as she found my weak points and made me practice a lot on it. She also encouraged me all the time and taught me essential skills for the HSC. This helped me come 2nd in the NSW for Japanese Beginners.

I would like to thank Gloria for teaching me with passion and support.


JAMIE: Grade 6 in Japanese IB Diploma

My name is Jamie and I completed my IB Diploma in 2013, studying Japanese B SL as one of my subjects. I joined Gloria's college when I was in my first term of year 11 as a slightly below average student. Being an IB student looking for a Japanese tutor was very difficult, however, my mum stumbled upon Gloria's college while reading a Korean community magazine. Since then, I continued learning from Gloria until my final exams. The HSC and IB Japanese programme are quite different, so Gloria and her tutors' thorough analysis of the IB programme really came in handy.

Gloria always prepares work that is catered to the things that apply to my course, exclusively, so I am always prepared in terms of vocabulary and content. The native Japanese tutors were also a big help to me in regards to speaking. Prior to attending Gloria’s Elite Tutoring College, I had a very limited speaking ability, which always made me nervous and unconfident. However, every lesson I had a different Japanese tutor so gradually, my speaking improved and I became more confident. Not only this, my knowledge of Japanese culture also improved immensely, which definitely gave me an advantage in my speaking exams and final writing exam.

Gloria is a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher – displayed through her extensive dedication to her students' learning, even beyond the classroom. As her student, she always gave me extra time in her class and would sometimes call me to make sure that I was confident with the things that I was learning. She always has a very positive approach to everything and teaches all her students about positive thinking as well, which is also very important! With all the material and native Japanese tutors, I was always prepared for my speaking, writing and reading exams. Therefore, in the end, I was able to achieve a Grade 6 (Grade 7 being the highest). This was beyond my expectation so I was very happy with my final result. My final mark truly reflects the support and confidence that I received as a result of attending Gloria’s Elite Tutoring College.

I'd like to thank Gloria and all the tutors for their help over the last couple of years and I hope they can offer the same to other IB Japanese students.


VINESSA: 98% (2U) and 46/50 (3U) in the HSC4th in NSW

I joined Gloria Kaneko's college halfway through Year 12. The knowledge and practice I gained from Gloria's lessons have been invaluable in my preparation for my Japanese Extension exams. The extra preparation from past trial papers familiarised me with commonly tested content. The lessons, taught in Japanese, as well as one-on-one sessions with friendly native speakers, helped me to express my opinions more effectively in Japanese, an essential skill required for the Extension course. Gloria not only helped me to target the required knowledge for the course, she also illustrated the logical flow of an argument, and helped me to apply that model creatively to a number of her challenging questions. Gloria's inspiring determination to cultivate the "right attitude" to learning in all her students definitely helped me to improve my independent learning, a skill which will no doubt be useful in the future.

Thank you so much to Gloria and the team!


DANNY: 94% in 2U Continuers Japanese

Before i met Gloria, i was academically poor student who hated the subject Japanese a lot and even planning to drop the subject as i always felt depressed and worried about studying Japanese as one of my hsc subjects. Nevertheless, by enrolling into the college and through the continual support from Gloria, i was able to success in my academia and move one step closer to my dream of becoming medical scientists. I believe i was absolutely, totally, utterly fortuitous to encounter Gloria kaneko due to following reasons:

Firstly, she has a deep understanding of education system in Australia. For instance, she taught me to gain insightful understanding of Japanese texts in reading section and provided a lot of resources for listening section and also taught me magical phrases and ideas which make many teachers impressed about of composition in writing section.

Next, through encountering many Japanese teachers, i was able to understand Japanese culture deeper than other students and become aware of many social and political issues of Japan in present days. This made my Japanese study more valuable in the ways that allowed me to tolerant and understandable of foreign cultures and provided colorful and unique perspective of viewing my ambiance, which i believe these to be reflected in analyse question in reading and writing section that weigh the most in the exam.

Lastly, Gloria is very diligent and passionate teacher who always look for ways to improve and modify her lesson to help out students. She is also energetic and able to handle very difficult and complicated situations during lesson as she is very experienced and matured individual.


DAVID: Near Last to 1st Place For Years 9-12

I began Japanese tutoring with Gloria at the start of Year 9. Although I have always had a huge interest in Japanese, my marks never reflected that, however with Gloria's guidance and support I managed to top my class. By constantly doing past papers, absorbing grammar and listening to Gloria’s occasional motivational speech, I have managed to retain my 1st place through Year 9 to Year 12.

I will continue to study hard under the guidance of Gloria in the lead up to the HSC and hopefully attain a high ATAR.

Ji Hyeon

JI HYEON: 97% (2U) and 48/50 (3U) in the HSC2nd in NSW (2U) and 5th in NSW (3U)

Hello, my name is Ji Hyeon Kim.

I started Japanese tutoring at Gloria Kaneko's college as I entered Year 12. Classes were held once every week during which I was able to improve my Japanese with the help of Gloria and other friendly native Japanese tutors. Each student was assigned a tutor every lesson to practise speaking and go through Japanese writing one to one to correct even the most minuscule mistakes: kanji, tone of language, connotation of words, grammar, 'sophistication' of the writing for example.

Initially, I struggled with how to extract answers to analytical questions although I understood the Japanese text given. Likewise, I lacked the knowledge to write about issues such as Consumerism and Globalisation for Japanese Extension. Gloria was able to spot these weaknesses and help me develop my analytical abilities, which benefited both my Japanese and Chinese studies at school. As a procrastinator, I cannot deny that I was scared of Gloria at first because of her strictness, commitment to excellence, and most of all, constant homework! However, her constant encouragements really motivated to try harder and piqued my interest in the Japanese language and culture.

Her challenging lessons and homework meant that I was able to prepare myself for assessments and exams without too much separate study at home, and thus proved essential for my time management in Year 12. She is an energetic and knowledgeable teacher and I appreciate her efforts to prepare the most challenging learning materials to help us achieve our best.

Gloria provided a supportive, enjoyable learning environment while the small classes stimulated the discussion based learning for Japanese Extension. Here I was able to learn skills that will facilitate my future study of Japanese and Chinese in university. I wish Gloria all the best for the years ahead. Thanks Gloria! J


CRYSTAL: 98% (2U) and 47/50 (3U) in the HSC6th in NSW

My name is Crystal and I have just finished my HSC in 2009. I achieved an ATAR of 99.25 and for both Japanese continuers and Japanese Extension I achieved top band results. I was delighted at my results and I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Gloria Kaneko as I believe that without Gloria and all the tutors' help this HSC year would have been a much more difficult journey for me.

I joined the College towards the end of Year 11 and attended classes every week for Japanese Continuers and Japanese Extension. I believe that to master a language, it is important to practice frequently in all aspects: reading, writing, listening and speaking. However, as the content in syllabus and the workload increased substantially in Year 12, I felt that it was not sufficient to depend merely on the limited practice we had during classes at school. Fortunately, I have gotten the opportunity to practice my Japanese at the College every week with Gloria and the tutors.

Gloria is a bright and knowledgeable teacher who always prepares and plans for our classes beforehand, so that our classes are always efficient. Gloria prepares challenging writing and speaking questions from diverse topics which we do not get a chance to deal with at school. This allows us to be creative and to develop multifarious perspectives, and it enables us to answer questions that are a bit different and tricky, especially in Japanese Extension.

In addition, the tutors at the College are all Japanese native speakers and I feel that it is a very valuable and rare opportunity to be able to practice my speaking skills with Japanese native speakers. Through speaking practices with the Japanese tutors, I have not only brushed up my Japanese speaking skills and increased my confidence in speaking; I have also established friendships with many tutors.

Overall, the College provided me with a friendly and enlightening learning environment and the helpful and supportive teachers motivated me to work hard. I finally achieved decent results and I'm very thankful and glad that I have decided to study with Gloria at her college. I have learnt a lot from Gloria and I have enjoyed myself in her classes.


SHARON: 96% in 2 Unit Continuers Japanese

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KAREN: 98% in 2 Unit Beginners Japanese

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JACKSON: From 70% to 94% in the HSC in 8 Months!

Even though I wasn't happy about my UAI . . . I felt proud of my self that i got good results in Japanese and English. But I wasn't expecting such good marks. First of all I want a say thank you for caring about me, teaching me, encouraging me, and sometimes pushing me. I reckon the pushing made me to study hard while I was studying Japanese. I felt interested and so greedy about learning Japanese language. Thank you again that you led me to achieve good results. I'm now introducing your college to my friends!

Hae Won

HAE WON: 96% in Year 11 Yearly Exams2nd in Open High School

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SARAH: From 60% to 92% in Yearly Exam in 6 Months3rd Last to 3rd in Her Class

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Jae Young

JAE YOUNG: From Low 80's to 93% (2U), 45/50 (3U) in Mid-Year Exam2nd in His Class

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MICHELLE: 84% in the HSC Trials Exam

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QING: 98% in the HSCTop in NSW

Um....i wont say much, but Gloria is a really good jap tutor, she teaches in japanese and that really helps. Sure, occasionally that's really annoying because i have to struggle to understand, and eventually end up with a big headache, but that's my fault for having miniscule japanese ability. Oh and it's also occasionally depressing to see her amazing organisation skills, she's got the HSC requirements typed up and filed, and i take a look at my pile of scrap paper which i call my notes. And then, horror of all horrors, she asks me, "have you done this, have you done that?" and i have to hang my head in shame and go "no..." Yeah my point is, she is a really good japanese teacher, she teaches material that's challenging, so get her if you wanna get better than average marks. Come on i dare ya..... i apologise for my terrible humour, i can't help it.....

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Hae Na

HAE NA: 96% (2U) and 46/50 (3U) in the HSC(Native Japanese Class)

Hello! *^^* My name is Hae-Na, I'm a student of Gloria's ^^* I recon she's a very talented teacher. She is good at both Japanese & Korean. She also speaks English. Her lesson is very enjoyable as she tries to understand the students' 'psychological' world (she's studied it in Japan) as well as the actual work! For SURE. My Japanese has improved ALOT with her help, n she's such a GREAT teacher! Thank U Gloria!! *^0^*

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JAMES: 95% (2U) and 47/50 (3U) in the HSC

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LISA: From 60's to 94% (2U) and 46/50 (3U) in the HSC

Hullo! I've started Gloria's lessons from early this year,and im really glad to have her as my nihongo no sensei. She is a professional teacher who is very understanding and caring, and also manages to make the lessons enjoyable. I think she's great!^^

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REINA: From 65% to 88% in the HSC After 8 Lessons

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ANGELA: From 81% to 93% in the HSC After 5 Lessons

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SANDRA: From 80's to 91% (2U) and 45/50 (3U) in the HSC

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AHRAM: From 67% to 94% in the HSC Trials Exam After 10 Lessons (Less Than 3 Weeks)

hellO ^_^// im ahram.. i juss wanna THANK gloria for everything~~!!! i first met her after my first assessment task, which i did really bad in- _-a i was really shocked, so i found gloria!! eventhough my japanese was craptastic, (i mean..seriously) she didnt care how bad i was, but she encouraged me! i got 67.7 and after 10 lessons with gloria, i improved upto 94 in my Trial! good eh? hahaha since then, we worked as a TEAM rather than as a teacher and a student. she was a friend more than a teacher, and i think her kindness allowed me to enjoy learning japanese!!^ _^* (ps..shes strict and scary if u dun do ur work though!! :( ) was after she got angry at me that i started studying :( in the beginning, it was really hard and boring but becos of her leadings, i came to where i am now!! i really LOVE japanese now, and if u wanna learn jap, gloria wuld be the best teacher that u can learn from!! i guarantee about that~!!~ :) we'r now really good friends!!! hehehehe i cant express in words of how much she did for me and how much i thank her^_^ glOria!!~~ thankyou SO muCh !! arigaddo? lurrrv u? hehe

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JINNI: 100% After 9 Lessons (2 Months) Starting in Year 9

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Joo Won

JOO WON: From 50% to 96% in 6 Lessons (1½ Months) Starting in Year 10

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JACKSON: From 8% to 70% After 9 Lessons (2 Months)2nd in His Class

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DENNY: 88% After 9 Lessons (2 Months) Starting in Year 10

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JINA: From 75% to 94% in the HSC Trials Exam in 4 Months

Hajimemashite, watashiwa Jina desu! I've started Gloria's lesson few weeks ago, and I really enjoy her lesson. She is a great teacher, she knows how to make students get familiar with Japanese. And more importantly her personality is GREAT!!!!!!! SHE IS GREAT TEACHER!

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JOY: From 63% to 98% in 9 Months1st in Her Class

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EDWARD: From 69% to 96% in the HSC Trials Exam After 6 Months

Hi~ I'm pretty sure Gloria is a really good teacher. She is patient and well in teaching. Because of she, my tiny japanese skills are keep growing and I feel always fun with japanese studying. I'm very thankful to Gloria, I've studied with her for approximately 6 months, and my Japanese skill is rising up rapidly! Also, my result too. (In HSC trial exam, I got 96.2 ^^) I think she's so kind and great teacher who controls and understands her studentes very well. Thank you! ^_^

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SALLY: From 80% to 97% in 9 Months

Hiz~~ watashiwa Sally desu lolz.. I really enjoy gloria's class cuz it's a real different style of teaching which makes me more interested in Japanese. She's nice, she explains things over & over again cuz I am so SLOW!!! (sorry gloria..) I think she never gets tired of teaching.. and most importantly.. she will understand even though i fall asleep... (u know wat i mean sensei?) Anyway.. i really want 2 introduce her to any of u guyz who r lookin 4 jap tutor.. because you will get benefit out of it and it's FUN!!! wow.. so long.. man.. I'll stop... now.. ^^ JAP is FUN!!

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Hi...How are you? Gloria has been my Japanese teacher since Feb this year. I found that she is very patient and experienced. She understand what I need and what kind of learning method is suitable for me. Beside that, she is also a good advisor as she always gives me advise on my study and work. She is a great teacher !!



I'm really glad to meet Gloria... And she always giving me encouragements... I hope...that i better not get lazy anymore...hahaha anyways...Gloria is really funny and she's a great Jap teacher!!

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